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    八下英语 Unit 1 Section A

    班级: 姓名:


    —Candy,I have a toothache. What should I do? —You' d better see a dentist and get____X-ray.(  )

    A. an B. a C. /

    You'd better not hang out after school ______ telling your parents. They may worry about you.

    A. by B. with C. without D. after

    —I think washing hands every day is good ______ our health.— Yes, I agree______ you.

    A. to;to B. with; to C. for;with D. at; with

    I have to finish ______ article in the test

    A. an 800-word B. 800-wordsC. 800 word’s D. an 800 words’

    To _____, he got good grades in the end.

    A. our surprised B. our surpriseC. us surprise D. our surprising

    I have ________ homework ________ every day.

    A. too much, doing B. too many, to doC. too much, to do D. much too, doing

    —My brother had a bad ______.—He shouldn't eat so much sweet food.

    A. backache B. headache C. stomachache D. toothache

    I want to learn a second foreign language ______ English.

    A. except B. beside C. besides D. except for

    —What’s ________ with your throat?

    —I have a sore throat because I drink less water these days.

    A. the wrong B. the trouble C. matter D. trouble

    —_________?—I have a headache and I don't feel like eating anything.

    A. How old are you B. What can I do for youC. What's the matter with you D. How do you like it

    ________? —I have a headache.

    A. What’s the matter B. What’s the wrongC. What’s matter D. What’s trouble

    —Jenny cut her finger when cooking dinner. What should she do?

    —She should ________.

    A. see a dentist B. get some sleepC. put some medicine on the cut D. exercise more

    —I saw Li Ding _________ on the new playground when I passed.

    —Thanks _________ our government, we can play sports on the new playground every day now.

    A. run; to B. running; to C. run; for D. running; for

    Smoking is bad for health. I think you should ________.

    A. take it down B. find it out C. turn it off D. give it up

    His parents agreed _________ him to Shanghai Disneyland tomorrow.

    A. to take B. taken C. take D. took

    —Who taught her English last year?

    —Nobody taught her. She taught _______.

    A. me B. myself C. herself D. she

    —What should I do?

    —________ healthy, you should take more exercise.

    A. Keep B. Keeping C. To keep D. Kept

    —May I be allowed to choose a summer course?—It's up to you. You're _________ to make your own decision.

    A. too old B. enough old C. old enough

    ______ my teacher, I can solve the problem quickly.

    A. Thanks for B. Thanks C. Thanks to D. Thanking

    My parents agreed _________ me to the park.

    A. to take B. takes C. take D. took

    I have to be _________ soon, because the film will be on in ten minutes.

    A. of B. off C. in D. about

    The cat jumped _________ the table from the floor.

    A. outside B. inside C. into D. onto

    If you have a nosebleed, you should ________.

    A. take your temperature B. get an X-rayC. put your head back D. put a bandage on it

    Let’s ________ TV too much. It’s bad for our eyes.

    A. not watch B. not to watch C. watch D. watching

    —I think maybe I have a fever.—You should ______.

    A. take your temperature B. lie down and restC. see a dentist D. get an X-ray

    —My mother is ill in hospital.


    A. I’m sorry to hear that B. I don’t think soC. It doesn’t matter D. That sounds good

    My teacher is ______ woman.

    A. a forty-year-old B. forty-years-oldC. a forty years old D. forty year old

    What’s the matter ________ your computer?

    A. about B. on C. with D. for

    Tina didn’t come to school yesterday because she ________ a bad cold.

    A. made B. wanted C. had D. took

    He went out of the room ______ making any noise because the baby was sleeping.

    A. by B. in C. without D. for

    二、单词拼写-单句(本大题共7小题,共7.0分)1.A giraffe has a long (脖子)and four big (脚).2.Put that thing down—you might (伤)someone with it.3.The company can't afford to carry any (旅客).4.Tom has a bad cold and has a (发烧). He also (咳嗽). I think he should drink more water.5.Jim has a (胃疼). He should (躺)on the bed and rest.6.I didn't say anything because I didn't want to get into (麻烦).7.She (打)him on the head with her umbrella.



    【解析】an修饰以元音音素开头的单词.a修饰以辅音音素开头的单词./不填.get an X-ray"拍x光片"固定搭配.X-ray是以元音音素/e/开头,用an修饰. 故选:A.--坎蒂,我牙疼.我该怎么办? --你最好去看牙医,照个X光片.考查不定冠词,不定冠词包括a和an,a修饰以辅音音素开头的单词,an修饰以元音音素开头的单词.要根据语境,积累一些固定搭配,选择合适答案.


    【解析】句意:放学后你最好不要不告诉父母就出去闲逛。他们可能会担心你。by通过;with和;without没有;after在……之后。结合They may worry about you.可知,此处用without。故选C。


    【解析】句意:--我认为每天洗手对我们的健康有好处.--是的,我同意你的看法。第一个空,根据our health"我们的健康"可知,be good for…"对…有好处".第二个空,agree with sb"同意某人的意见"固定安排.故选:C。




    【解析】句意:令我们惊讶的是,他最终取得了好成绩。to one's surprise令某人惊讶的是,是固定短语,our我们的,形容词性物主代词,us我们,宾格人称代词。故选B。


    【解析】句意:我每天有太多的作业要做。too much太多,修饰不可数名词;too many太多,修饰可数名词复数;much too太,相当于副词;根据本题中的homework是不可数名词可知,应用too much修饰,后面应接动词不定式作定语,故选C。


    【解析】句意:——我哥哥牙疼得厉害。——他不应该吃那么多糖。A.背痛;B.头痛;C.肚子痛;D.牙痛。根据He shouldn't eat so much sweet food.可知此处指的是牙痛,故选D。




    【解析】句意:——你的喉咙有什么问题?——因为这几天我少喝水,所以我嗓子疼。what's wrong=what's the matter=what's the trouble怎么了,询问对方发生了什么事,根据所给选项,故选B。




    【解析】句意:——怎么了?——我头疼。A.What's the matter怎么了;B.What's the wrong错误表达;C.What's matter错误表达D.What's trouble错误表达。询问某人怎么了要用固定表达:What's the matter?= What's wrong?= What's the trouble?故选A。


    【解析】句意:——珍妮做饭时切破了她的手指。她该怎么办?——她应该在伤口上放些药。 A.看牙医;B.睡一会;C.在伤口上放些药;D.多锻炼。根据常识可知,割破手指应该给伤口上药,故选C。


    【解析】根据语境when I passed可知,第一个空表示“看见某人正在做某事”,用see sb. doing sth.;排除选项A和C;第二句话要表达的意思是:多亏了政府,我们现在可以天天在新操场上运动了”。考查固定短语thanks to,Thanks for...因为……而感谢,不符合语境,排除选项D。故选B。


    【解析】句意:抽烟对健康有害。我认为你应该戒掉。A. 记下;B. 找出;C. 关掉;D. 放弃,戒掉。故选D。


    【解析】句意:他的父母答应明天带他去上海迪士尼乐园。agree to do sth.答应去做某事,固定搭配,故选A。


    【解析】句意:——去年谁教她的英语?——没人教她。她自学。 A.me我;B.myself 我自己;C.herself 她自己;D.she她。根据Nobody taught her.可知,此处表示自学英语,teach oneself自学,为固定搭配。由主语She可知,用herself,填选C。


    【解析】句意:——我应该做什么?——为了保持健康,你应该多做运动。keep healthy保持健康,固定短语,分析句子结构可知,设空处需填动词不定式作目的状语,故选C。


    【解析】句意为“——我可以选择夏天的课程吗?——由你决定,你足够大了,可以自己做决定了”。too...to...指太……而不能……,不符合逻辑;enough修饰形容词,需放在形容词之后,故enough old表达形式不对。故选C。


    【解析】句意:多谢我的老师,我能很快解决这个问题。根据 thanks to 多亏,由于,是固定短语,可知C选项正确,故填C。


    【解析】句意:我父母同意带我去公园。agree to do sth.同意做某事,故选A。


    【解析】句意:我得马上走了,因为电影十分钟后就要开始了。be off离开,符合语境,故选B。






    【解析】句意:我们不要看太多电视,这对我们的眼睛不好。根基下句It’s bad for our eyes.可知,设空处句子需用否定形式。let sb not do sth让某人不做某事,固定短语。故选A。


    【解析】句意:——我觉得我可能发烧了。——你应该测量一下你的体温。A.take your temperature测量体温;B.lie down and rest躺下休息;C.see a dentist看牙医;D.get an X-ray拍个X光片。根据句意,故选A。


    【解析】句意:——我的妈妈生病住院了。——听到那个很抱歉。A 听到那个很抱歉。B 我认为不是这样;C 没关系;D 那个听起来很好。这是英语日常交际用语,在英语中,当得知关于别人不幸的消息时,应回复:听到这个我很抱歉,故选A。




    【解析】句意:你的电脑出什么问题了? A. about关于;B. on在……之上;C. with和……在一起;D. for为了。What's the matter with sb/sth某人/某物怎么了,固定句型。故选C。


    【解析】句意:蒂娜昨天没来上学,因为她患了重感冒。A.made制作;B.wanted想要;C.had拥有;D.took拿,取。have a cold患感冒,固定短语,故选C。


    【解析】句意:因为婴儿在睡觉,他没有发出任何声音就走出了房间。A.by通过,被;B.in在……里;C.without无,D.为了。根据句中“the baby is sleeping”可知,此处是指“没有发出任何声音”。故选C。

    31.【答案】neck feet






    34.【答案】fever coughs


    35.【答案】stomachache lie







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